Quirk(y) Queer



Whoomp, there it is




Whoomp, there it is



Notes. Received.


I’m not sure if this is funny to anyone else but me.

Most. Accurate. (Wish?) Post. Ever.

The KNOWhomo moderators during an introvert party….

Moments I realize how much I enjoy my relationship…

I feel like this is me when I read queer* history in public.

I feel like this is me when I read queer* history in public.

533 plays

Saving Jane - “Autumn and Me”

We earned every line in our 25 years
We cried over boys and we laughed over beers
I wouldn’t trade the girl for a song
She lets me know right where I belong

Rooftop dancing in the summer heat
New car crash on a one way street
Strangers moving up to the fourth floor
Strange, now nobody knows me more


Chosen One’ 
Paper art from ‘Java’ by Cecilia Levy

*saving for later

That moment your significant other realizes you yawn like a rabbit….

Me: Ok. Script. Stonewall Vlog Script.
Inner Me: (reading) BORING.
Me: Ok. (rewrites)
Inner Me: Reallly?
Me: It's witty.
Inner Me: It's cheeky.
Me: It's very quirky.
Inner Me: It's very cheesy.
Me: You have a better idea?
Inner Me: Yeah, tell them a person of color, dressed in drag, slapped a cop!
Me: That hasn't been proven.
Inner Me: No one documents early queer history. Rely on oral tradition like other cultures.
Me: Dram-a-turg.
Inner Me: No one knows what that is.
Me: (rewrites) ...So, the hairpin head around the world started with a slap.
Inner Me: You're getting there.
And (We) Shall

And (We) Shall

Theatre Moments I Love:

Leaving with a show with someone experiencing something new from the stage

“I will never be crazy,” repeats the adolescent hero to herself. “I will never get killed. I have to grow up.”
― Blanche Mccrary Boyd

There is a staged reading of my thesis tonight.

I have a fantastic support system that leaves me humble and loved.

…I am scared out of my mind.


Sara Ramirez sings “And I Will Follow” by Jason Robert Brown.

Oh, all the voices that beg me to stand my ground -
Oh, all the voices that tell me to stay -
All representing the life that I’d planned around:
Do what’s expected,
Do what’s accepted,
Do what you’re told to,
Until today!
‘Til today…

I will follow
I will follow,
And you will lead me

I will follow
And you will lead me there.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
— C.G. Jung